Technology & Service

Research & Development


At Kingwe, we work closely with customers in the early stages of product development to analyze their needs, demands and desires; To design and manufacture products that meet their requirements. We embrace continuous technology change and development, to meet the changing needs of our customers.


Kingwe is committed to constant development, both improvements in existing products and innovative, exciting new products.


"What can we do better? Smarter? More efficiently?" Our team of engineers works tirelessly in refining our product lines, while at the same time developing new products that the market demands. We truly believe our Hand Dryers are not only a form and function product, but also look great and complement room decor.


We welcome you to come to us with your ideas and concepts, we'll help make them reality! We can help you, from concept to completion.



Engineering & Design

Design and development are the cornerstones of our Engineering Department. Our engineers work closely with both internal staff as well as with our customers in all phases of design and manufacturing. Up front, we work with the customer to set specific objectives, and strive to exceed them! Efficiency, productivity, quality - these are the hallmarks of the work our engineers do every day. Kingwe's Engineering team has a wealth of experience and wide range of talents, combining for over years of experience.

We work closely with customers on modeling and prototyping. We can provide prototypes at various stages - rough, or as finished as needed to move a project along. 

We do extensive testing, in both extremes of temperature and humidity, to assure our Hand Dryers perform.  Our engineers are very well-versed in Pro E, CAD and many other software programs, allowing us extensive capabilities in 2D and 3D design.

Kingwe is unique in the sense that our engineers very closely interact with the customer, first-hand. Our engineers constantly strive to get better, attending seminars and training to constantly improve their skill set and enhance their experience. Kingwe engineers are engaged with our customers and markets - visiting customers and attending industry events and trade shows to keep abreast of what is going on in the markets we serve.






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